Services We Offer at IAH

Small Animal Care

We care for our small animal patients as if they were our own pets, so we recommend annual wellness exams to keep them well. During these visits, our doctors examine your pet from nose to tail to ensure they’re healthy. We look for various symptoms that may indicate an illness or looming problem. These include skin, eye, ear or mucus membrane abnormalities, hair loss, weight gain/loss, gingivitis or tartar build up, swelling, irregular heart rate, and breathing problems..


Whether your pet is a puppy/kitten or a senior, vaccinations are critical to their health. Vaccines prepare the body’s immune system to fight off certain disease-causing organisms by mimicking these organisms in the body. As a result, the immune system is stimulated, causing the body to build up immunity to that specific disease. If your pet ever comes in contact with the real disease later down the road, their immune system can lessen its severity or fight it off entirely.


We provide an extensive array of surgical services. From spays and neuters, to a variety of soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries, our doctors pride themselves in their ability to provide great quality surgical care. Other surgical services include oral, trauma, tumor removal and oncology (cancer) surgery.

Reproductive Services

 We offer basic types of assistance with reproduction and breeding, from semen collection to vaginal cytology so you know when the best breeding day will be. We offer artificial insemination (AI) as well as assistance with natural breeding.

The Online Pharmacy

Manage prescriptions, pharmacy accounts and even see the status of your prescription refills.  In our online pharmacy that we offer for the convenience of our patients whose parents like to shop online to save time and money. We have a huge inventory of medications and other items for your pets at the lowest prices. 

Items for dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles and birds include:

  • Antibiotics
  • Behavior
  • Flea and tick
  • Heartworm medication
  • Joint supplements
  • Oral care
  • Prescription medications
  • Shampoo and conditioners
  • Skin supplements
  • Treats and chews
  • Vitamins and mineral supplements

Get started by logging in and ordering from the online pharmacy today — it’s fast and easy!