Meet Our Team

The people that keep us all together!

Sydney Bliss

Receptionist Extraordinaire
Sydney has been at IAH for a few years now, and she has one dog who is a Cane Corse named Walter. Sydney is key in the operation for making things happen on a daily basis.

Danielle Durham

Has been at IAH for almost 4 years, she has loved being able to help animals since she was little growing up on a farm.  And she loves helping where ever she is needed!

Alicia Pennington 

Vet Tech (plus everything)
I have been a Vet Tech at IAH for almost 22 years.  I am married to Adam, we have a son Cole, and we have 6 dogs!  Blue, Petey, Peanut, Molly, Chilli, and Weirdo.  We also have two cats Butters and Ocyrus.

Janet Moe 

Vet Tech (plus everything)
I have been at IAH for 23 years!  My favorite animals are Dogs, Horses & Dolphins but I really like all animals. I have two dogs of my own named  Henry – a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Buddy who is a Pekingese Dachshund mix.

Sandy Aldrich 

Vet Tech
I have been a Vet Tech at IAH for two wonderful years !  

Johnna Webb 

Vet Tech ( 29 YEARS @ IAH )
I am a Vet Tech, and I wear many other hats as well.  I do lots of filling in where I’m needed and help with billing.

Aimee Evans

Vet Tech
I have been at IAH for one year, and I have loved all animals since I was little and love to do whatever I can do to help them!  I have three dogs, Star a Chihuaua mix, Cudddles a Chihuaua Mix, and Roxy a Jack Russel Terrier Mix.

Krystal James 

Community Manager
Profile Update Coming soon!